Takeaways from Steelers Win Over Bengals


Some quick takeaways:

  • The Bengals tried to come out like bullies. Again. A lot of trash talk during the week and the nonsense of Burfict challenging the Steelers players on the Steelers side of the field pre-game that caused a skirmish. But as is often the case, you punch a bully in the nose and they wilt. And that’s what happened today.
  • Vontez Burfict is a big ringleader of that Bengals squad that cries victim but cheap-shotted Ben with a dive to his leg and started the pregame skirmish.  But the real culprit is their head coach, Marvin Jones, who does little if anything to subdue their thug behavior. This is not new for them and he does nothing but bring more of these characters on his team. They want to be the new Ravens/Steelers, but that rivalry was rarely dirty, just physical. The Bengals are just dirty. They are the third wheel that wants to be taken seriously, but acts out in ways that make it impossible to do so.
  • Credit Haley and Roethlisberger for their patience. Outside of one ill-advised deep through by Ben in the second half, he took what the defense gave him rather than be suckered into forced deep throws and turnovers. That’s a credit to a maturing Ben.
  • Credit also to the offensive line who did a terrific job all game of keeping Ben intact.
  • On the negative, Antonio Brown played well, but you can see how physical play from opposing DBs sometimes gets to him. It’s something to watch for as teams look for a way to defense the All-Pro receiver.
  • The calling was poor. The referees did a poor job of keeping the peace and reacted to all the wrong things, ignoring thrown punches at Steelers players but penalizing a perfectly good block by Antonio Brown.
  • Congratulations to Robert Golden and Tuitt for their  first career interception. And to Heath Miller for a personal best 10 catches.
  • If it’s true that Villienueva suffered concussion symptoms but was not put through the required concussion protocol (it was instead reported he just felt “ill”) there should be serious fines for the team. Of all teams, the Steelers – with the Mike Webster and Justin Strelczyk history – should be the last to not take this seriously.
  • You can see flashes of the ability of Shazier when he flies across the field to make plays. The only thing this kid needs is health and time.
  • As of right now, the Steelers are still on the outside looking in, behind Kansas City and the Jets for a playoff spot. Incredible as that may seem.



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