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If your a Steelers fan, you’ll love Steelers Takeaways – taking the best stories and quotes from over 600 Steelers interviews and breaking them down by topic and generation. Just $20. Order via Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

See what these former Steelers and others have to say about the book!

Andy Russell: “Ron Lippock has collected an amazing number of outstanding comments from some of the top NFL players.  They are responses to very good questions, making those top players have to think before answering.  The comments are extraordinarily candid, informative, some emotional and often very detailed, giving the reader an inside view of what it’s like to play in the NFL.”

Chad Brown: “I love what Ron has done! Most football books don’t have enough of what we read football books for…hearing from the players! Ron gets out of the way and lets the former Steeler players and coaches take the reader into the locker room and on the field with their stories and interview answers. The stories range from the highest of highs and down to the lowest moments of their careers. You will learn something new about the players and coaches you have followed for years. No matter what generation of a Steeler fan you are, there is so much in the book for you! “

John Banaszak: “I thoroughly enjoyed Steelers Takeaways.  Reading the stories of the players that wore the Black and Gold before me and the stories of the Steelers that played after me was very interesting.  The common thread through all the decades is, anyone that played for the Steelers was very proud to put on the uniform.  The memories and stories of my teammates and coaches took me back to my playing days.  Great book, Great read.  Every Steeler fan will get an idea of what we went through no matter what decade they are from. “

John Steigerwald: “Ron Lippock had a great idea and he turned it into an excellent book for Steelers fans…”Steelers Takeaways” is a perfect book to keep with you while watching a Steelers game….”

Jim O’Brien, author of 15 books about the Steelers including “Lambert” and “The Chief”: “Just when I thought I knew everything about the Steelers, I read Ron Lippock’s new book and learned a lot more. You feel like you’re talking to all of your favorite Steelers — one on one.”

Anne Madarasz, Director, Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, Heinz History Center:  “Lippock has done what few authors of Pittsburgh football history accomplish – he has captured the iconic stories from the athletes that fans know and love while also sharing the reality of professional football. The camaraderie of the locker room, the allure of the big game is in here, told through first person interviews that bring the past alive. But so too is the story of the reality of the business – the trades, the injuries, the careers cut short. A compelling book and valuable for the wide net the author cast  and the many voices he captured.

Frenchy Fuqua: “I think the book is great. It hits the point for readers!”

Marc Uhlmann, Owner, Steel City Blitz:  “Ron Lippock’s Steelers Takeaways is a must-read for any fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yes, that sounds cliche’ but it’s the truth. Ron has compiled interviews with players whose names you’ll immediately recognize and many that you won’t, but that doesn’t matter. The stories these men share are full of every emotion you can imagine and they’ll have you laughing one minute and in deep thought the next. From the Steelers of old to the stars of today, Ron has done all fans a great service by giving us their insights all in the same place. I highly recommend Steelers Takeaways!”



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This book approaches the Steelers organization and players in a way no other book has – spanning across seven decades of Steelers players, the book is comprised of personal and on-field stories. Author Ron Lippock has conducted over 400 interviews with former Steelers – from those that played in the 50’s, through ones that have just recently retired.

These stories and memories are amassed not only from the household names like L.C. Greenwood, Donnie Shell, Antwaan Randle El, Rocky Belier, and Tommie Maddox, but also from the hundreds of players who fought just to make the practice squad. Their contributions and struggles, successes and failures, all helped to define the Steelers as an organization just as much as the many Hall of Famers.

These players discuss the adversity they faced – the physical impact of the game, the stress of making and keeping one’s position on the team, mentoring younger players even as they sought to take their roster spot, moving from team to team, and more.

Players reveal the humor behind the game and how it affected them – from the jokes teammates played on one another in the locker rooms, meeting rooms, and hotels, to the on-field pranks and antics fans are otherwise not privy to.

This is the insider’s history of the organization, a very personal view shared from the players’ perspectives. There is something for every Steelers fan here – and these stories simply can’t be found elsewhere.

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