Rich”Big Daddy”Salgado – Coastal Advisors LLC


Rich”Big Daddy”Salgado – Coastal Advisors LLC
First, can you let readers know how you got started in the business and how you got started working with athletes and other well-known people?
I got started working in the business thru a high school friend of mine named John Garrett. I got started working with athletes through networking with former college teammates of mine from the University of Maryland. My college roommate was Neil O’Donnell who went on to play NFL Football with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I met players on NY Jets from my days on Long island and friends that worked there.
How does your approach differ from others – what about your style and offerings made you the choice for these athletes?
My approach is simple I’m not a hard salesman – I work with some of these athlete’s agents, accountants, and financial advisors. I’m recognized nationally through the publications that I have been featured in like, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Business Journal, Sports Illustrated and NFL Network, as well as my appearances on Fox News Channel and Bloomberg News .
You got your start in Pittsburgh – can you tell readers about that Pittsburgh connection – how that came about?
That came about through my relationship with Neil O’Donnell as well as the working relationship that I had with NHL/MLB Agent Tom Reich, his nephew Steve Reich and NFL agent Ralph Cindrich.I was friends with Jim Sweeney who played with the NY Jets (College, played at Pitt). He sent me to meet some local friends and they showed me around. I worked at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for a while. So, I networked with everyone and went to Steelers games, Pens games, and Bucs games.
What were your impressions of the team and players at the time as you met them through Neil O’Donnell?
Well, the team had a mixture of vets and young guys, with Neil Being one of the young ones . I was fortunate enough to meet Chuck Noll and  then got to meet Bill Cowher. As for the players, they became friends of mine through my relationship with Neil. I still speak and see a few of them, like Merril Hoge, Tunch Ilkin, John Jackson and saw Bubby Brister a while back.
Any fun/interesting experiences you can share regarding some of the Pittsburgh athletes you represent?
Well, some of the fun and interesting experiences that I had with Pittsburgh athletes were actually with Penguins players. I did experience seeing the Pens win the Cup and got to meet and become friends with Mario. I actually met the whole team through Mario. Mario wasnt a client but working with his agent Tom Reich helped me befriend and hang with him on some special occasions and be a guest at his golf outings. I was fortunate to see my roommate, Neil O’Donnell play in the Super Bowl.  Although they lost, I was so proud of him to get his chance . Some players go many years and never get to the GAME. He did it twice, with the Steelers and Titans.
What are some of the biggest mistakes you see athletes make now as it relates to protecting their careers and the services you offer?
The mistake they make often is that they listen to people that aren’t or don’t work in my industry. Most athletes go broke because they listen to bad advice and they put all their eggs in one basket. We try to educate and show them the importance of balance, diversification, and having more than one voice in your camp. TEAM WORK is what helps these athletes succeed. A lot of times we get calls to help but it’s sometimes too late.
What are some of the biggest misperceptions you find athletes have as they discuss insuring themselves through you?
 Some don’t ask questions because they feel that I might think they aren’t intelligent. Some actually believe that I only work with first round picks or high-profile clients. Those are far from the truth. We make it our mission to spread the word about what we do to help all clients in both sports and business worlds. Most athletes think that they need to be in their death bed to collect on a disability claim. Far from the truth, policies are payable once the insured is deemed disabled from participating in the sport they are in. The insured can go do something else but play sports.
How have the new NFL and NHL CBA’s affected you, if at all?
Not really, these athletes need protection both on and off the field. Coastal Advisors, LLC works in all four major sports. We INSURE and PROTECT at all times, during lockouts, holdouts and so on.
How do you see the business changing over the next 5-10 years – and why?
I believe that the business will keep on growing due to the fact that people like myself are always putting the word out there that Coastal Advisors,LLC is the #1 place to come to when you are thinking of protecting your contract through career ending disability, or your family through Estate Planning and Life Insurance.
What has surprised you most over the course of your career, and why?
The one thing that I never ever would have ever believed is that I would be answer questions like these for any reporters, television or media publications. I’m fortunate to have been doing reporting for Fox News during the Super Bowls and NFL Draft weeks the past four years. All of my tv hits are on my website as well as my feature articles. I’m still in disbelief but I’m not upset , just happy
Any last thoughts for readers?
I never forget where I came from and who has helped me. I had a near death experience in 2008 . I had an aneurysm. To help the hospital that saved my life, I started a celebrity golf outing to benefit the North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital Children’s Brain Aneurysm Center. Michael Strahan, Mike Tyson, Jay Glazer and many more joined me to help raise money for this cause. You can all go to  to see videos and pics from last year. We are on again this year on June 23,24th.   I’m a big believer in giving back as I’m fortunate to be able to do a job that allows me to help others and do some of the greatest things on this planet.
Thanks for your time.
I Miss Pittsburgh and it was one of my favorite cities that I lived in………….North Park Lounge and Pirmanti’s , Simply the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
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