Happy Birthday, Antonio Brown


Some fun stories from former Steelers about Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown as he looks to celebrate another birthday as a Steelers player:

Scottie Montgomery: “AB shocked me about how quickly he learned to dominate. He turned into the most dominant figure in the game on the back side. People say I loved Antonio – they used to say he was like my son. I did love Antonio the first time I saw him – but I didn’t think he could be that good that fast. The defensive guys used to say I’d do anything for him – cheat for him and script plays in practice to give him an advantage. But the truth is I was surprised at how fast he developed. He learned the playbook – and he was available. He stayed healthy. A lot of that goes into it – to becoming that dominant that fast.”

Chad Spann:One of my biggest mentors I had when I arrived in Pittsburgh was someone I already had a little bit of history with. Antonio Brown was a wide receiver who I played numerous times in college since we were in the same conference. Also, His father, Touchdown Eddie Brown, was my position coach in high school. I learned a lot on and off the field from both of the Browns.”

Chris Rainey: “I spoke to Antonio Brown – he’d tell me what it was like when he was a rookie. I just followed what he did.”

Derek Moye:One sticks out – at the rookie dinner, how Antonio Brown had such a good time – he was telling a lot of jokes and stories – ones I can’t tell! But you could see him coming out of his shell – he was hilarious.”

Amos Jones:Antonio was a great receiver and returner but he also was great at covering kicks as a rookie. When he was a rookie I remember him losing his shoe halfway downfield but he never slowed down and got in on the tackle!”

CJ Goodwin: “Antonio Brown was one of the funniest people I have ever met. Every day it was something new with his crazy outfits. He was a real genuine dude – nice. He would joke with you if you came in with flashy outfits – “You can’t afford that!” he’d say!”

Isaac Blakeney: “Well, in the wide receiver room, Antonio Brown and DHB were the most influencing. They gave me critiques – on the good and bad. Especially DHB – we were competing for a spot but he still helped me. They both helped with the little things – drink more water, stretching – things that football itself doesn’t teach you – they stayed on me about those things. Antonio was hilarious – his work ethic he pushed us. I was there during his contract negotiations. He was always joking around…”

David Gilreath: I watched Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders. Watched Brown run ghost routes after practice by himself. “

Wes Lyons: “I thought Antonio Brown and Emanuel Sanders were a big help throughout camp my first year. We would study the playbook together every night when we went back to our rooms after practice. “

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